A6 contemporary Ballet shows



VIDEOS: "Body"   "Burlesque"     "Energy"     "Interactive"

Nowadays creates new Acts in the Theatre. A new kind of them. A theatre where Artistic Dance and Artistic Sound and Lighting to be given a new interactive quality. It means that the above will occupy a prominent place in this new Theatre. Here we come upon all the elements accepted by traditional Theater.


Since 1995 A6 Ballet performs at: Bulgaria, USA, Mexico, Spain, Estonia, Russia, Malaysia, Malta, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Portugal, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Belarus, Slovakia, Greece, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Macao, Mongolia, France, and Austria.

For now there are number of self-sufficient shows in their repertoire, incl. musicals, thematic programs, public events in stadiums, etc. New contemporary shows means: incredible effects includes interactivity, lasers, widest range of types and styles of choreography, specially created videos and music.


Birth of new artistic forms, emergence of a director with a modern kind of thinking should not come as a surprise at the threshold of the third millennium, as far as whole artistic systems are being synthesised, and within their frames any combinations become possible on the basis of accidental nature, that, nevertheless, has an absolutely objective conformity to natural laws. Come in to feel and enjoy of differences!

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