Lux Aeterna Dynamic Lasers Theatre



Nowadays we are creating a theatre. A new kind of it. A theatre of synthetic forms. A theatre where Artistic Light and Artistic Sound Are to be given a new quality. At the same time it means that Artistic Light and Artistic Sound will occupy a prominent place in this new Theatre. Here we come upon all the elements accepted by traditional theatre.


Though the starting-point is different: Artistic Light and Artistic Sound lie in the basis of dramaturgy. Hence, different thinking of a director, Different scenography, Different play of actors and, as a result, Different atmosphere of a performance. Artistic Light and Artistic Sound form one single unit. Their indissoluble connection has an absolutely natural beginning the very first days of Man's and Universe's Existence. There are no phenomena in the space, surrounding us. That are connected with light and sound separately. Light phenomena always have sound ones as the basis. While sound phenomena carry light ones along. Quite another matter is that in theatrical art light, or rather, lighting technology is far behind in its development. The creation and employment of light and sound scenography originates in the XX century after the electric light bulb invention and following it a rapid development of lighting technology and electronics.

Birth of new artistic forms, emergence of a director with a modern kind of thinking should not come as a surprise at the threshold of the third millennium, as far as whole artistic systems are being synthesised, and within their frames any combinations become possible on the basis of accidental nature, that, nevertheless, has an absolutely objective conformity to natural laws.

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