Ukrainian is one of the three east-Slavonic languages. It differs from Russian and Byelorussian as Spanish differs from Italian. The most characteristic sounds in the Ukrainian language are:


1. The three i's.

    a)    The  i  which sounds more or less like ee in 'see', or like ea in 'eatí.

    b)    The  и which souns like i in 'it', but with a raised middle of the tongue.

    c)    The  ї  sounds like yie in 'yield'.


2. The two e's.

    a)     e  sounding like e in 'ten'.

    b)     є  inversed(e) sounding like ye in 'yes'.

3. The h sound, which exists in the Ukrainian language. On the other hand, the Ukrainian language doesn't have the sound g, like in 'good'.

Some of the songs are sung in a Ukrainian dialect, and some in a border dialect that inclines towards Russian language.