Dedicated to my daughters of Anna and Maria ...

It is a "Two in One" disk - a multimedia edition, which includes both music and video. The music can also be played in a regular CD player.

Five Ukrainian traditional tales (app. 50 min.) are performed by the best artists: Viktor Shportko, Natalja Mohilevska, Оlexander Vasylenko, Dmytro Lytvynetz, the Ukrainian TV & Radio Children's Choir, "ManSound", "Veseli Muzyky", "Lybid" ensembles, etc.

"IVASYK-TELESYK", "KOLOBOK", "HORBOKONYK", "SOLOMJIANIY BYCHOK", "IVAN-POBYVAN" tales are presented like original musicals, modern mini-operas, where each character is singing and has his own music tunes.

The poetical background has been created by Oleh Martzyniv and Yuri Pokalchuk.

Besides that, there are two cartoons on the CD: "KRUHLJACHOK" and "LITACHOK LIP" presented by the "Ukranimafilm" studio (app. 20 min.).

No additional program is required to run the video: just put the disk into the CR-ROM device in your computer. A new carrier to the New Millennium!


All titles composed, arranged and produced by Alexander Sparinsky
Sound Directors: А. Vikharev, М. Didyk

All rights reserved (c) 2002 Alexander Sparinsky