Dramatized Musical Show in Commemoration of Ukraine’s Independence

1’29”    The National Anthem of Ukraine
9’40”    The Sacred Words: Ukraine the Motherland
6’53”    Olha the Queen
7’48”    Volodymyr The Great
10’49”    Yaroslav’s Justice
8’32”    Battle is Coming!
6’57”    Hug One Another, My Brothers
6’00”   Seech Rifleman
8’50”    The Golden Gate Carnival
4’02”    Long Live Ukraine!

A huge collection of Ukrainian music created by the composer Alexander Sparinsky, director Oleg Martsyniv to celebrate Ukrainian Independence. The disc is designed as a musical-theatrical excursion through the pages of Ukrainian history – starting from the times of Kyiv Rus to the present day, divided into characteristic parts such as “Knyahynya Olga”, “Volodymyr the Great”, “Sich is Coming” etc. Ukrainian Anthem in classic arrangement by Ihor Blazhkov, modern choral music, popular 'kozatski' and 'striletski' songs, sacred music, theatrical fragments, Ukrainian pop-music - everything is represented on the disc. More than 4 thousand singers were involved in the creation of this musical encyclopedia including names as prestigious as the National Hrigoriy Verevka Chapel Choir, the “Kyiv” Chamber Choir, the President's Orchestra of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, The National Chapel of bandura players, the Seminary and Academy Choir as well as the popular Ukrainian actor Bohdan Stupka, and everyone's favorite songstress, Ani Lorak.

Directed by Oleh Martzyniv

Music Composed, Arranged  (except marked) & Produced by Alexander Sparinsky

Sound Directed & Pre-Mastered by Mychailo Didyk

Special thanks and heartfelt gratitude for gracious assistance in organizing this Show to the Kyiv City State Administration and the Head Department of Culture of the City of Kyiv.

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