© 1993


Anna Reid, author of "Borderland: A Journey through the History of Ukraine" book. Former "Economist" correspondent for Ukraine. Living London now. Song has been recorded in Kiev at early 90th.

Anna Reid

Shining in the Dark

Gleaming like a silver rain

Makes his own mark

Sign of Human pain.


Feeling oh, so pleased

Turning slowly in the flame

Falling prey to marble mist

Joining in the game.


REFRAIN: Trace of tears

In your eyes

Tears for fears

Sleeping rise.


Essence of my mind

Sharing in the their lazy role,

Nothing of the kind –

Just a losin’ goal.


Waiting for the moon

At the other side of time

Watch the ruins crumble soon

Silver’s turned to grime.


REFRAIN: Slaving Doll

In the sky

Have a ball –

Live your lie…


Who is in the spark

Looking for another light –

You are in the dark,

Dying in the night.