Carols at the Ukrainian Vertep Drama 1990

First Ukrainian Children's CD 1994

Ukrainian tales as Children's  musicals 1996




Ukrainian Anthem & original music from Independence Day Show 1997

Best Ukrainian musicians in Theatrical Jazz improvisation 1998

Children's Christmas musical's 1998




Electronic & Choral music 1999

First time ever multimedia presentation about

Ukrainian Christmas 2000

Songs & two instrumental pieces 2001




Music Tales and Cartoons

from Ukraine 2002

Ukraine The Motherland 2002

Dramatised musical show

First time ever multimedia presentation about Ukrainian Spring Feast 2003





Multimedia presentation about Ukrainian Orange Revolution 2005

Second edition of multimedia enciclopedia

about Ukrainian Spring Feast 2006

First Ukrainian contemporary cartoons DVD 2006




New Year & Christmas Childrens songs and musical stories 2006

Merry songs for the Youngest 2007

Children's musical tales from Ukraine 2008




Ukrainian World Music

and video bonus 2009

Songs in Russian from different years 2014

"Through Wailing and Moaning..." 2016